Tips for Choosing a Memorable Signature Cocktail

We all know some of the struggles that come with planning a perfect wedding. The countless hours you spent deciding on linen colors, food options, table layouts, and so much more. But we’re here to help with a fun detail of that planning: choosing the perfect signature cocktail.

According to veteran wedding bartender, Abby Russo, first and foremost, choose a cocktail that either you or your partner enjoys. “This signature cocktail should tell a story about your lives together, even if the story is simple,” explains Abby. “Whether it’s a cocktail named after your dog or just a simple play on words, the cocktail should be personal to you.”

Abby adds that you should make a statement with a good-looking cocktail. “Choose a signature drink that is topped with a fun garnish or placed in a unique glass. This will catch the attention of your guests and have people asking for all the details.” It’s also a good idea to make sure your signature cocktail is not too complicated to mix, to avoid a backup at the bar. “One or two types of liquor should be plenty,” she adds.

Whether you are having a winter wonderland wedding or a summer soiree, make sure to choose a weather-appropriate cocktail. “Guests could warm up in the winter with a boozy hot chocolate or cool off in the summer with a refreshing minty cocktail,” Abby notes.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to make sure your cocktail is personal to you! Cheers!